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Introspection for Extroverts

It takes a lifetime to learn.

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Born in 1978 to my parents, who divorced when I was three. My mother remarried when I was four; my father remarried when I was five, and again when I was twenty-seven. I grew up mostly on a 4-acre farm just outside of Ames, Iowa. We had several horses, a dog, and a rotating cast of cats. I didn't do much in high school, mostly because of our distance from the school (ten miles) and from any kids my age (also about ten miles). I was in band until the end of 9th grade (clarinet), various choirs (swing, jazz, chorus, and chorale..singing first alto, second soprano, first soprano, and second alto, respectively) throughout junior high and high school, and I participated in Individual and Group Speech contests. I spent half a year at the University of Iowa in Iowa City before dropping out and getting married. After a little more than a year, I got divorced and moved back to Iowa City. I lived in and around Iowa City through 2007, remarried, got divorced again (2 months after the ceremony; he's still one of my closest friends and we call each other brother and sister. Suck it, normalcy!), and finally moved to Madison, Wi in 2008, thereby fulfilling a cherished but admittedly minor dream. Still, living here has been amazing. I've come into my own, established myself, found a career, made amazing friends, met the best man I've ever had the luck to have love me back, and generally just started fully enjoying my life.