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31 March 2015 @ 10:55 pm
The Disconnect is Real (And Amusing)  

The majority of women who seem most active in various "Crunchy Moms' Groups" are in their mid-20s, with at least one but (at least, around here) up to 5 children, love watching 'reality' TV as their guilty pleasure, and desperately believe -- or want to believe -- that Essential Oils are the cure for everything. They suggest spa days and mama/daughter mani/pedis for all special events, consider Ruths Chris a great restaurant, and most seem to expect flowers from their husbands for all birthdays and anniversaries. They attend church services religiously. (ba-dum tschhh)

Yes, I am sitting here in my shady corner,  feeling old and silently rolling my eyes at them. Basic is Basic, no matter your level of wooj-belief. I fully expect other people to sit and roll their eyes at me. Goodness knows, I deserve it for some things.

What really cracked me up today was when someone asked for suggestions on "favorite workout songs." The comments were rife with shouts of "Katy Perry Dark Horse!", "Rhiannon Shut Up and Drive!", "anything by Taylor Swift!", etc. Then there was me, little dark old me, who pipes up with "Remanufacture by Fear Factory, Lagwagon's "Hoss" album, most everything by Daft Punk, the "2 + 2 = 5" album from Deadmau5, the EA FIFA World Cup game soundtrack, and "In Silico" by Pendulum."

It was like those moments when all conversations in a loud party end at the exact same moment, so your comment of "Actually, I think I may have snorted my grandma's ashes by mistake when I was 18" goes ringing through the crowd and everyone just turns and looks at you with the exact same expression of utter confusion tinged with the beginnings of terror. I know there are kindred souls out there in their own shady corners, so I actually enjoy those moments when the comments stutter to a halt for a solid few handfuls of minutes. We all need to get our kicks somehow.