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05 May 2015 @ 05:06 pm
App Woes  
I've tried posting three times between the last post showing, and now. All three times were from my phone. All three times, apparently, failed. The app also shows complete blankness where my friend feed should be. Fie upon thee, LJ App for Android. I have deleted and re-installed you three times, and you still don't work. This means updates will occur less regularly, as they will require that I use my laptop, which I think I remember to use once every few weeks.

The Professor is thinking about getting a desktop; primarily for gaming, I think, but any desktop with the specs for gaming will also have the necessary drive space and processing power to handle photos, which is all I really want. The Chromebook that serves as my laptop is certainly functional for browsing the internet, but absolutely abysmal at doing things such as "displaying large numbers of photographs in my G+ photo folder" or "uploading images from an SD card"

KidK is almost 3. He's making this abundantly clear to me, primarily by being too clever by half and also more cantankerous than a cornered badger. Oh, SO reactive, this child. He does not take disappointment gracefully. But he's as charming as a door to door salesman...the successful kind.

I am feeling the itch to get back into some kind of monetary productivity. If it gets much worse, we may ever consider putting KidK into some kind of daycare facility until preschool starts in the Fall. I pick up odd catering gigs here and there, and I make a little money once in a while through crochet orders, but I want to feel like I'm contributing more than just the daily care of our progeny. I'm going to start donating plasma this week, and I'm going to follow a couple of leads that might garner me a legitimate data entry job that I can do from home. I'm not ready yet to take the plunge into the full-time workforce again, but that's entirely due to the fact that I'm not willing to drop our very sensitive child with the huge bubble of personal space into a situation where he's suddenly with complete strangers for 8 hours a day. Not gonna happen. If his best friend's daycare provider had an opening, I would be less worried. He loves his friend to pieces, and both of them have tried to convince me that he should come to daycare so they can continue playing all day. But no dice there yet.

Working on an eating adjustment. Unpopular opinion post to follow.
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